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Kelly Miller: Building Your Brand

Listen along as we tackle these questions: “How do I make people care about my company?” "How should I be thinking about brand and branding from day 1?" "Are there any companies or founders who you think are doing this really well?" "How do you advise us to emulate the good examples without copying and being unauthentic?"

Georgiana Laudi: Positioning Your Company for Growth

Join Georgiana Laudi and I as we discuss the nuances of "product-market fit", her early days at Unbounce where she helped grow the marketing team from 1 to 35, and how you should be investing your time and money to get the most out of your early-stage marketing campaigns.

Janelle Allen: Creating an Online Course and Writing Killer Emails

Janelle and I talk about her killer email marketing process, improving your copy by knowing your customers, and the importance of setting a good hook.

Margaret Kelsey: Growth Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Gross

Today I'm talking to Margaret Kelsey about Content Marketing in the early stages of your startup. Margaret heads up the Brand and Content team at Appcues where she helped to triple blog traffic in 9 months. She has also worked for InVision in Content Marketing and Community Management.

Claire Suellentrop: The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

Claire shares her insights on how you can create more effective marketing campaigns, design better products, and increase revenue by spending more time getting to know your customers. Claire is a SaaS marketing & growth advisor, loves helping teams get out of the "echo chamber" and inside their best customers' heads.

Jane Portman: UI Design for Early-stage Startups

Today I'm speaking with Jane Portman. Jane is a UI/UX consultant in web application design, host of the very popular UI Breakfast Podcast, and co-founder of Userlist, a behavior-based email automation tool for Saas companies. We tackle a couple of interesting topics around UI design for early-stage startups: How good is "good enough" for launch? Can you get value from an off-the-shelf UI kit? And what can Gall's Law teach you about designing an MVP ... or better yet, a Minimum Loveable Product?

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